Thursday, October 29, 2009

How much do you really miss something without even realising??

As you can tell from previous posts and videos I have used up alot of my spare time skateboarding. This happend for various reasons:
a) No waves
b) I was bored with surfing
c) I was angry (note: skateboarding helps release alot of anger)

Anyways, as the story goes I noticed that there was a 2mt swell heading towards the South coast...(First insticnt is that Falesia would be going off).
I decided to see if Ryan fancied a surf seeing as I am on half term and Ryan seems to have no school, although he claims he does.
round 2.15pm on Wednesday, we loaded the things into the car and headed towards Falesia.
There was some swell, not the swell we had hoped for but the wind was killng it.
We decided to check the peak at Marina Hotel as it looked better (it wasn't by the way).
However, we still went for a surf, Ryan, Luke and Moi.
Conditions were average, head high, mushy, wind blowing onshore.....even though they wern't perfect....I still had an amazing time.
It's weird how you completly forget about something you really enjoy......then the next minute you wonder how you could of forgotten all about it.
This is what we call "stoked". Yep, you heard it.....
I shall be back surfing this weekend as we have a big swell with zero wind...looks like its going to be a Falesia Classic.

Friday, October 23, 2009

ISSL Underground Society

'''New article name''' is ISSL UNDERGROUND SOCIETY
The ISSL Underground Society (IUGS)was formed in 1990 by Charles Kemp.
After two years of existence, the society was forced to go into hiding after the headmistress found out about it and threatened to expel all members.
No more was heard from IUGS and Charles Kemp was forced to flee the town of Almancil.

'''16 years later - 2008'''
After stumbling upon the ancient scrolls of the "IUGS" during an excursion to the ISSL library, four boys found out that they were the true heirs to the thrones of IUGS society. These four noble princes decided to re-star the society and reap the benefits of being kings. (However, legend has it that a 5th king was entitled to the throne as well, this fair boy goes by the name of Vezza G. Story has it that this boy got lost at sea when attempting to swim the English channel.)

'''The Re-Form'''
The re-form was a special occasion for "IUGS". Having more than 20memeber sign up, as well as having a personal slave at the click of the fingers.
The "IUGS" is currently active and is welcome to accept new members if they can pass initiation.

To join the society, the "joinee" has to find an "IUGS" messenger that will then go and inform the Kings mistress, who will then inform the King.
(Note: This is done like this so that no one will ever know the true identity's of the KINGS).

The true KING: Jizzy B
The Noble KING: D-REX
The Pope KING: VC
The Slave KING: The Big 'Fella
SLAVE: Annie
Mistress: Uncle G

The aim of this society is to benefit those who are involved with special privileges within the school and to keep them entertained with high class entertainment.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Faro receieves National Skate Tour

Faro is hosting the 3rd event of the National Tour
Below is the programme for the day:

Sábado, dia 3 de Outubro
10h – Abertura do Recinto (acesso livre ao Street Course
Das 10h às 12h- Inscrições e Treinos
12h- Início da Competição

Eliminatórias Iniciados
14h- Eliminatórias Amadores
17h – Eliminatórias Profissionais
19h- Encerramento das Actividades

Domingo, 4 de Outubro
10h- Abertura do Recinto (Acesso livre ao Street Course)

Das 12h às 14h- Treinos Organizados (Só para competidores
14h- Inicio da Competição – Finais Iniciados
15h - Finais Amadores
16h- Finais Profissionais
18h- Best Trick
18h30 - Entrega de Prémios

Monday, September 14, 2009

Faro session

More footage coming soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Programme for 12th September

Skate Parque de Faro
Skate – Patins – BMX
12 de Setembro
Das 10H00 às 04H00

Programa do evento
Manhã – início às 10H00:
- Iniciação e aprendizagem (Skate, Patins e BMX).
- Exposições.
Tarde – início às 14H00:
- Concurso de graffiti.
- Demonstrações de Skate, Patins e BMX (convidados especiais).
- Torneio “Best Trick” (prémios para os primeiros classificados).
- DJ Maradona.
Noite – das 22H00 às 04H00:
- Música ao vivo: “Keep Walking”, “The Highest Cost”, “Rat Attack”
e “No Guns, No Roses” (tributo a “Guns ‘n Roses”).
- DJ Toby One ( UK – The Funk Royale)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New school year. New BLOG post

So, it starts all over again......summer holidays are over and we're all back at school.!
Sad, depressing thoughts, i know.....but look on the brightside we get to see all our friends again, make new ones etc etc....all the rest of that shizzle.
The proper good news is that the blog will start up again as I seem to have endless amounts of time now....NOT! (A level work is killer).

As it's September it is now cool enough to skate without the horrible heat of the summer. So to start off the blog again, below is a video of Nuno Relogio from the "HARDWAY 2" film, featuring all the skaters from Olhao....if you want to see more clips search on or for Hardward 2.
Personally my favourite part has to be JP's.
Anyways enjoy and keep tuned into this blog.

Love and Peace